Question for you: Can you define the word, 'Bully'?

'Questions for You' page deals with real questions about your daily life, and how do you see yourself as a person. These questions are asked of you to make YOU think. Get together with your friends, family member, or even your teacher about bullying. How will they answer these questions? Below are a list of questions I challenge you to answer honestly.

1) Do you know a bully?
2) If you do, would you stand up to him or her?
3) Would you stick up for a person being bullied?
4) What if it's your friend?
5) What if it was not your friend?
6) What should you do if you see someone being bullied?
7) If you cannot defend the person being bullied, what should you do?
8) Why does a person bully others?

My Thought for You: Love yourself and watch what happens!


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