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As a former educator, I have had my share of experiences with young middle shoolers in the private and public school system.
No matter their background or social status, all kids share the difficult challenges of life.
As educators, this we know is true; but how do we get the message across for them to embrace, and embody their self worth?
How do we make them aware of their unique gifts and contributions to benefit society?
As a motivational speaker, I bring to the students the everyday issues through interactive conversation,
which entails responsibility, accountability, and being a compassionate individual.
My book entitled CIRCUS: ensures my young audience understands the importance of self worth, perseverance, and many other obstacles they will encounter as an individual in today’s society.
L’Tanya Leone
L’Tanya is a former educator who received her B.S. Degree in¬†Education from Concordia Teacher’s University. She currently resides in Southern California.

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